Welcome to the Leeds Naturist Group (L.N.G) which was founded in 1985 with the aim of providing “Naturist and social activities in Leeds and the surrounding area, and to promote naturism in general”.

The original swim sessions were held at Armley Baths, Leeds and continued there until 1993 when we moved to our present base of Bramley Baths which is an Edwardian pool, opened in 1904 and retains many of its original features.  Today L.N.G. is a thriving group of like-minded naturists from all walks of life and age range.

We meet once a week all year round in this Community run pool. Several times a year we hold a larger social event.

As well as our regular swim and steam sessions we organise other events during the summer months, these may be trips to the beach or visits to other naturist clubs. Many of our members are also members of other naturist clubs and take naturist holidays both in the UK and abroad.

Leeds Naturist Group is a member-club of  British Naturism and maintains friendly relations with other clubs in the Yorkshire region and further afield.

About us

We are a happy bunch of folks who enjoy one another’s company and think of ourselves as a swimming club. We love to chat and catch up with one another’s gossip in the pool, Russian steam bath and again later in the studio over a hot drink and refreshments. We also enjoy Aquaerobics and the odd water based game.


Where is the club based?

Leeds Naturist group is based in, you’ve guessed it, Leeds, although we do not have our own grounds we meet throughout the year at Bramley Baths. Our members come mainly from Leeds and the West Yorkshire area, but we have quite a few who travel from further afield. There are no geographical restrictions on becoming a member of the group.

What sort of activities do you organise?

Our main activities are weekly swim and steam room sessions, followed by a social cup of tea in the studio. From time to time we organise ‘Aquarobics’ sessions in the pool or an extended evening with a buffet, quiz and music or other entertainment provided by our members. In Summer we organise occasional naturist rambles, visits to the beach or to other naturist clubs. The swim and steam sessions are fully naturist. 

How many members do you have?

Our membership figures are constantly changing but on average we have 100 plus.

 What is the age range of your members?

We cater for adults of all ages.  

 What should I bring with me to the swim?

Apart from the entry fee and any ID requested, bring what you would normally bring to a swim session- minus the costume of course, i.e. towel, soap or shampoo, armbands etc.

 How do I arrange a visit to the club?

You need to contact the Membership Secretary with details of your name and address. You will then be sent an invitation letter giving full details of the swim, location, times and latest prices. Please see the ‘JOIN US’ page for how to get in touch with us.

Where is the swim held?

Bramley Baths, we meet every Saturday evening between 5pm and 7pm. Full details are given in the invitation letter to those who wish to arrange a visit. If you are a member of BN you may also find details and a contact number in the listing of BN  magazine.

In this electronic age why do you insist on sending letters to people’s home address?  Why can’t you just send this information by e mail?

It certainly isn’t because we’re old fashioned! To protect our existing members we need a contact address before we admit anybody. Anyone can hide behind an e mail address. We are not prepared to deal with those who have something to hide.

How many times can I visit Group events?

You  can visit the group as often as you like after the initial address and identity checks. You will pay a higher admission price until you become a member, which you will be encouraged to do.

How much does it cost to visit?

The swim/steam sessions currently cost £7 per adult. Members pay a lower rate.



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